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2017 Mandarin Summer Camp

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 12:11am -- jiarao
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 to Friday, August 18, 2017
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Monday, May 1, 2017 - 12:00am
8:30 am to 2:30 pm
Session One: Let’s be Veterinarians (May 30-June 9) Camp Fee $480 爱心小兽医 Our campers will enjoy 2 weeks of fun activities and projects focused on the care and safe handling of companion animals. Our veterinarians on
deck will learn how
to train and care for
animals and be
responsible pet
guardians. Stories,
crafts, and animal
interactions will highlight the experience. Cats, dogs, and fish are the featured pets. This camp is for kids who are interested in learning more about animals and animal welfare. What a rewarding way to spend the summer learning about these amazing animals as well as making new friends and playing games! Session Two: Let’s Go Camping (June 12-23) Camp Fee $480 让我们一起去野营 In this session, campers explore and learn about survival skills in the great outdoors. We will be bringing along tents and sleeping bags, telling campfire stories, cooking BBQs, doing fishing games, reading maps and hunting for treasure. These are just some of the fun activities planned for language learning in our outdoor adventures! Our little campers will learn useful skills and vocabulary for camping in the wild. They will also have their own camping adventure as they sleep in their sleeping bags in a tent, make their own treasure maps, go on a scavenger hunt, and make s’mores! Session Three: The Sea World (July 10-21) Camp Fee $480 有趣的海洋世界 Investigate the undersea mystery world of some interesting and wonderful marine animals. We will lead students to understand our environment and how it interacts with the marine life. We discuss about various important environmental issues. Campers will spend 10 days immersed in marine habitats with a variety of hands-on activities that introduce them to some marine organisms and involve them in learning to care for our coasts and ocean. There will be a sand party at the beach and lots of exploring and fun! Session Four: Iron Chef Jr. China (July 24-August 4) Camp Fee $510 我是一名小厨师 This session offers campers a chance to learn how to cook Asian dishes in this exciting, interactive hands-on cooking class. Students will craft delectable delicacies inspired by cultures and cuisines around the world. We will focus on vocabulary related to different healthy foods, ingredients, methods of cooking, and learning to write recipes in detail. In addition to cooking healthy, we will also discuss how eating healthy and exercising affect our bodies. We have it all covered in this session! Campers will take home culinary creations. Each day they will create a tempting new recipe for you to enjoy! We will also visit a dim sum restaurant to taste the wide variety of traditional Chinese food while practicing their Mandarin language skills. Session Five: Learn Through Movies (August 7-18) Camp Fee $480 看电影学中文 If you find reading Chinese books challenging at times, or if you want to learn Chinese language and culture interactively, or if you want to make a movie of your own, there’s nothing better than learning Chinese through movies and film! Join us in this session as we watch fun movies, learn Mandarin, and make a movie of our own. Students will get to learn to use Chinese in ‘real’ situations outside the classroom, particularly interactive language. These films will also expose students to experience natural expressions and flow of speech. We will learn vocabulary in the context of these movies and practice our conversational skills. In this camp, we will use movies as a motivator and make the language learning process more expressive, entertaining and enjoyable!
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1750 29th Avenue
San FranciscoSan Francisco County, California 94122
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Camp Tuition: $50 Non-refundable registration fee $480/session Each Session runs for 2 weeks $60/session Before care (7:30–8:30 am) $150/session After Camp Care (2:30–6:00 pm) $260/week There is an opportunity to participate in the camp for only 1 week instead of 2. There will be an additional charge for field trips.
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Jia Rao
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