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Do you need food for your family? There are many, many ways for San Francisco families to obtain healthy food. Find information here on everything from farmers' markets and food banks to how to apply for food stamps.

Food Resources 

There are many options for prepared meals, food boxes, and grocery needs. Call or visit the agency websites to find out about eligibility and/or specific dates and times that services are available.

• Call 211 to find a local food distribution center in your community.

• San Francisco Food Bank offers 230 pantry sites throughout San Francisco.  Call for locations 415-282-1900.

• St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room, 150 Golden Gate Ave. 
Serving meals 365 days a year. There are no requirements or documentation necessary to eat here. It is open at 11:30am for families with children. St Anthony's also offers a Food Pantry as well.

• The "Free Eats Chart," which is downloadable in Spanish or English, lists agency kitchens that can help with food or meals. You can download eleven charts to help find free food, shelter, medical aid, and more.

• Glide Memorial Church offers meals, housing, and health support. All meals are served at 330 Ellis. Breakfast is served daily from 8am to 9am, and lunch from noon to 1:30pm. Dinners are served Monday through Friday from 4pm to 5:30pm, and bagged dinners are given away at lunch time on weekends.

• Food Assistance Program, If you are trying to make ends meet on a low income, you may be eligible for CalFresh (food stamps)  to help you purchase food. Call (415) 558-1001 or toll free at (877) 366-3076. You can also visit www.benefitscalwin.org to learn more about CalFresh.

• Free School Meals 2013 - 2014 SFUSD, Apply for free school meals on line at Free School Meals 2013 - 2014 SFUSD with the San Francisco Unified School District.

Food Stamps and Vouchers

 San Francisco Department of Human Service Food Stamps Program, (415) 558-1000 (general info),  (415) 558-4186 (Food Stamp Outreach Hotline)
The Food Stamp Program provides monthly nutrition assistance for low-income people to purchase nutritional food. Eligibility to participate in the Food Stamp Program is based on household size, income, assets and other factors.

 San Francisco Department of Public Health: Women, Infants and Children (WIC), (415) 575-5788.
WIC is a supplemental nutrition program that provides vouchers for nutritious foods to low-income pregnant or breastfeeding women, infants and children up to age 5. Foods include milk, eggs, cheese, etc. (Breastfeeding mothers can also get referrals for breast pumps.) There are several locations with various hours to choose from. WIC guidelines are in English, Spanish, and Chinese. The main phone number offers information in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, and Thai.

Local Farmers Markets

Did you know there are over 15 markets in the City? Visit a San Francisco Farmers Market. Buy locally and get seasonal fresh fruits and veggies or get your fresh bread, cheeses or other specialities. Get the kids involved. Give them a few dollars and let them buy whatever produce they want and will eat. It’s a great way to make them responsible for eating fruits and vegetables. There are always free samples to try at the markets. For more information about the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program, please go to the  USDA website.

Bring your large bag or a cart to help carry your goodies.girl at farmers market

The Department of Public Health offers a chart of Farmers Markets in English, Spanish and Chinese. 


Is Your Child Eating Enough Veggies?
Use an online calculator to find out what they need, plus great recipes that will have your kids begging for more! Read more from Kaboose.com 

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Vegetarianism is a popular choice for many individuals and families. But parents may wonder if kids can safely follow a vegetarian diet and still get all necessary nutrients. Most dietary and medical experts agree that a well-planned vegetarian diet can actually be a very healthy way to eat. Read more from KidsHealth.org or visit the San Francisco Vegetarian Society for additional resounces.


• Visit our Nutrition page
 for healthy eating tips.

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