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JusticeFinding legal services and understanding your rights is important. There are many agencies that can help you protect yourself and your children by offering free or low-cost legal services, counseling, and court services.  

SFkids Spotlight

"What are My Rights" 
by Legal Services for Children

Legal Services offers free information on:
• Your options when you cannot live with your parents
 A Student’s Guide to School Discipline: What are my Rights?

When Your Child is Arrested San Francisco 

What to do and know if your child is arrested and taken into custody.

If your child is arrested and taken into custody, he or she will be transported to the police station and booked. Booking consists of logging the name and the reason for the arrest in the record book. The child will also have a picture and fingerprints taken.

Next, if a minor, the child may be released into your custody. If the crime is more serious, he or she may be held in jail until arraigned. Arraignment is when the charges against the juvenile will be read, and the judge will ask how the juvenile pleads. Read more... 

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 MyHousing.org offers an extensive list of resources for general legal aid, housing-related advocacy, immigration legal services, criminal background services, domestic violence, civil rights, and identification/documentation.

• Legal Services for Children, (415) 863-3762, Warm Line is open to talk to you: Monday through Friday 1:30pm to 5pm. Their clinic is open Wednesdays 4pm to 6pm. Legal Services for Children provides confidential legal and related social services free of charge to young people. Youth can go there for help with guardianship, education, mental health, and foster care issues, find out their rights at school and options if they cannot live with their parents. They also have staff fluent in Spanish and Chinese who can help.

Department of Child Support Services, (415) 356-2700, provides its services free of charge to all custodial parents, whether or not they receive welfare. Any parent who is caring for a child and cannot get needed support assistance from the other parent is eligible for help.

• LawHelpCalifornia.org offers referrals to free legal aid and court services, as well as sliding-scale legal programs and lawyer referral services and links to self-help legal information.

 SF Human Rights Commission, (415) 252-2500, advocates for human and civil rights in San Francisco. They also investigate and mediate discriminatory complaints and provide referrals to other appropriate government agencies.

• San Francisco Unified School District, One government function is education, which is administered through the public school system by the Department of Education. Be sure to know your rights as a parent and what is the law in our schools. 

 Woman Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (WOMAN, Inc), (415) 864-4777 (business), (415) 864-4722 (24-hour crisis line), serves battered women in the Bay Area. They offer a 24-hour crisis line and provide support and legal services to women in domestic violence situations, including special support programs for lesbian, Latina-bicultural, and teen clients. 

 Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, (415) 255-7036, advocates for the civil rights and empowerment of incarcerated parents, children, family members and people at risk for incarceration. The focus is on women prisoners and their families.

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