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Independent or private schools are schools that are not funded by the city or state, but instead are primarily funded by tuition fees and fundraising. There are many private and/or independent options in San Francisco for kids preschool through high school.

FAQ from BAPrivateSchools.com
Q. What are the tuition rates for private schools in the Bay Area?

A. The tuition ranges from an average of $3,500 a year for parochial schools (in-parish student) to an average of $9,000 a year for independent elementary schools and $14,000 a year for private high schools. Here's more information on financing a private school education.

Web Links 


• SSAT (Secondary Schools Admission Test), find test deadlines, test prep and resources to prepare for the test.
The Basic Fund (Bay Area Scholarships for Inner-City Children)
• Private School Statistics
• National Association of Independent Schools
• California Association of Independent Schools
• Bay Admissions offer tutoring, admissions counseling,
essay help, and SSAT prep in the San Francisco Bay Area.





Local Resources

Pince-Nez Press publishes a helpful book, Private High Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area (3rd Edition), by Betsy Little, MA, MBA and Paula Molligan, MA, MBA.
• Greatschools.org offers information and ratings by local families.
• BAISNet - Bay Area Independent Schools Network
• Western Boarding Schools Association• Independent Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area offers information on admission process, member schools, affording Independent Schools and why choose an Idenpendent School.
• Summer Boarding Programs offers a full scope of college-prep and junior boarding schools that offers summer programs.

Catholic Schools

Catholic schools are popular options to either public school or more expensive independent schools. Sfcatholicschools.org is a website by the Archdiocese of San Francisco that has a school directory of Catholic elementary and high schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about private schools.  Here are a few of the common questions with brief answers.

Q: When should I start searching for private schools?
A: As the admission cycle typically begins in the fall, the fall a year before your child starts school is an appropriate starting time.

Q: Where can I find standardized test scores for California private schools?
A: Unlike public schools, private schools are not required to disclose their test scores.

Q: How many schools should my child apply to?
A: There is no magic number. However, bear in mind that more schools translates to more time and effort from you and your child. (Do you really want to put your child through 20 interviews?)

Q: Which Bay Area private schools offer boarding programs?
A: There are four in the Bay Area.

Q: Is there financial aid assistance for private school tuition?
A: YES!  There are differenent types of financial assistance.  Click here to get more information here. 

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