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sfschoolThere are many resources to help parents navigate the process of choosing the right San Francisco Unified School District school for each child.    

Web Links

• 2013-2014 Instructional Calendar

 SFUSD Office of Family and Community Engagement offers support and information for parents.

• SFUSD Student, family and Community Support Services offers school health and wellness, nutrition education, foster youth services, and ExCEL After School Program information.

 San Francisco PTA offers support to schools, parents, and youth.

 SFUSD Lunch Menus: check here for monthly menus in case you lost the copy sent home.

 Parents for Public Schools San Francisco advocates for schools, parents, and the community.

 Charter School information from My School.org.

• Beyond the Chron School Beat contributor Lisa Schiff offers interesting articles on the public education system.


SFUSD School Starts
Monday, August 19, 2013

Does your child have their immunizations up to date?
Have you signed up for PTA or parent group?
Ordered name labels for jackets?
Does your school require a uniform?

The Kindergarten Readiness Act changes the kindergarten entry date so that children enter kindergarten at age 5.

The roll out for the change in entry date is incremental, rolling back one month each year until the 2014-2015 school year.

2013–2014 school year = Oct. 1
2014–2015 school year = Sept. 1
(and each school year thereafter)

SFUSD apply for the 2013-14 School Year
Submit applications for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 6th or 9th grade, or to transfer to another school or program. Find out more about the enrollment process. 

SFUSD Athletic Forms


Middle school and high school students planning to participate in school sports will need Pre-participation Forms filled out and signed by a physician before they can play. Click here to find the forms from the SFUSD Athletic Department.



Discover Your School Options for 2013-14
Teens_On_BalconySchool Loop is an online application for Middle and High school students and parents to communicate with their teachers, as an alternative to email.  It allows staff to access each student’s workload and grades and provides digital lockers to store and share files. Assignments and grades can be checked and may be emailed home each day.

School Loop can be accessed at: http://sfusd-ca.schoolloop.com

Students should already have access codes.

If you are a parent or caregiver please register on your child's School Loop site and then contact/visit the school to verify your email address and/or details with the school.

Your Public Schools logoLearn the new rules for public schools, talk about what matters to you, and take action to support San Francisco’s students. Explore the site to:

  • Take the schools quiz
  • Add your voice to the blog
  • Send an e-card to friends
  • Become a Facebook fan
  • Follow YSFPS on Twitter
  • Volunteer or donate

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San Francisco Unified School District Parent Tips

Q: Help I want to enroll my child for 2013- 2014, what do I do?
A: Contact the 
Education Placement Center (EPC) to find out which schools have openings.  Most schools are full but a few schools have some seats.  Some families move over the summer and spots open up.  Students who are listed in the waitpool for that school will be part of the lottery for open seats.  Also some students do not show up when school starts and the school will fill those seats after the official school 10-day count and sometimes earlier. The waitpool families will be notified if there is a seat available and their name was selected.

Q: How do I enroll in SFUSD schools
A: Applications for the 2013-14 school year are due in January (except Lowell HS and SOTA are due in December). Applications can be picked up at any school, the district office. For more information visit the Education Placement Center (EPC) to find out your options on the application process. View important enrollment dates and deadlines.
 Q: When do the school tours begin?

A: Public tours usually begin in mid October.  Current families can visit anytime but need to check in to get a visitors badge. The schools want to make sure the students are settled in their academics before they bring guest into the school. Call the schools you are interested in mid- September.  Some schools require reservations and others do not.

Q: How do I find the right school for my child?
A: Visit several schools you are interested in. All schools offer weekly tours and open houses. Other resources include Parents for Public Schools (PPS) ambassador program.  PPS can connect you with a parent at the school you are interested in. Ask lots of other parents questions, tour, tour, tour and check out one of the local school yahoo groups for the local scoop on schools.

Q: Are parents involved in the schools?
A: Yes! Every school welcomes parents to help in a variety of ways. Ask your child's teacher or administration.  Members of the community can volunteer through San Francisco Education Fund and help our schools.

Q: Can I attend the Board of Education meetings?
A: Absolutely. The meetings are open to the public. The San Francisco School Board meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm at 555 Franklin. There is parking available in the lot on McAllister Street. For Board of Education Meeting Notices and Agendas, see the SFUSD website: Board of Education link. There is always an opportunity to speak during general matters but you may also comment on any agenda item. Call (415) 241-6427 to be put on the list to speak. This is also the number you call to speak to or leave a message for school board members. Can't attend the meeting? You can still find out what's going on: access the live broadcast during the meeting from the BOE homepage.

Q:Whom do I contact to voice my concerns? 
A: The SFUSD Office of Family and Community Engagement 
supports parents through educational workshops, offers resources to help your child succeed in school, and helps resolve school site issues.

Q: Are charter schools part of the public school system? 
A: They are public schools but are not governed by the Board of Education. They have their own application processes and deadlines, and are free to create their own curricula. They lease SFUSD vacant school buildings.

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