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Backpack Kids at James LickFind news about San Francisco school options from preschool to beyond high school — both public and private — on these Education pages.

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• Beyond High School

Look here for information about preparing for and applying to college, as well as other post-high school options.


• Home Schooling

Find resources and support organizations for educating your children at home.


• Preschools

There are public, private, and cooperative options for early care and education provided here.


•  Private and Independent Schools
Check out the multiple choices of private, independent, and parochial schools in the City.

•  Public Schools
Find San Francisco Unified School District information as well as tips from public and charter school parents.

• Tutoring and Academic Support

Check here for resources when seeking extra academic support for children of all ages.


• Youth Training and Employment
Look here for youth training, service learning, and teen employment opportunities.



Are you one of those parents that remembers how to do 5th grade math or can recite the periodic tables or do you need some help to support your kids with their homework?


A few tips to help keep on track with the new year:

1- Help them stay organized!  Reinforce a planner or a family calendar to track assignments, projects, extra curricular  activities, games, etc.

2- Clean out backpacks once a week.
3- Visit 
Khan Academy for online support in most subjects.  FREE
4- Visit 
SFkids.org Academic and Tutoring support page for a variety of services. 

5- Find a tutor or support through SF Public libraries or 826 Valencia.  FREE
6- Always check-in with your child's teacher too.  Most teachers use the school email system, online grading and are available for parent conferences (even if it isn't conference 



Heading to Middle or High School?

If your child is heading for middle or high school this year, for the first time there are many resources that will help both your child and you with the transition. 

• Is your child considering going out for a school team sport this year? Schedule their physical with their doctor now.  Download this form to take to the doctor's office. If you need information about sports team and tryout schedules, bookmark the CIF San Francisco Section website for handy access.Classroom
• Helping Preteens Make the Transition to Middle School from Kidsdata.org's Preteen Alliance. 
• Tips for Transitioning from Elementary School to Middle School to High School from National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).
• PBS also offers an informational website for youth who are moving up to middle school.
• Do you know the California High School graduation requirements?
• Looking ahead to college? Check out the Campus Tours: Virtual College Tours.
• Also see our Beyond High School page for more resources.

Fund Raising Support for Schools

• eScrip: Register one or more schools to receive money from your shopping.
Schoolpop.com: Shop online and your school receives funds.
• Get your back-to-school supplies (or office supplies) at 
Office Depot and your school gets 5% of your purchase!
Donors Choose is a national database for teachers to list their favorite project and get it funded by someone who likes the project.
• Don't forget to register your school at 
Cole Hardware or Target, or get Rainbow or Good Life Grocery scrip.

Resources for Parents
• Kids and Cell Phone Use: Find out who needs one and learn some guidelines to follow.
Getting Kids Organized: Help is on the way!
What You Need to Know About Bullies!
• Bay Area Colleges and Universities
• The California Association for the Gifted or National Association of Gifted Children
• The National Parent Information Network offers information on learning disability, tutoring, and homework help.
CampusTours.com: Check out colleges and universities online. Get a taste of the campus without leaving your house.
Boarding or Military School Information for youth who are struggling in traditional school settings.

California State Education Hot Topics
• Registering Your Child in School Requirements
• Immunization Requirements
• Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program
• Testing and Standards
• Special Education Services
• Learn about your right to take time off to participate in activities at your child’s school or day care facility.


Federal Government Educational Resources
• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
 Readiness for School
 Tips and Resources for Parents to Support their Child
 Education News Parents Can Use is a television series about ways to ensure children's educational success.

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